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Bridal Registries

We take special pleasure in working with couples planning their future together.  Our selection of tabletop collections, linens and home furnishings from Europe and beyond offer a unique alternative to big chain stores. We love working with brides (and their fiancés if they're so inclined) in putting together a registry that they will appreciate and treasure for many years. Family and friends in the area enjoy seeing firsthand what couples have chosen.  


Gift wrap is always complimentary.  We can either ship gifts or hold them for pick-up.  Stop in to see us, email us at or call at 434.284.8706 and let us know how we can assist.  Keeping up with our website is challenging for us and we hope that if you wish to purchase online it will go smoothly. If you click on the icon next to the name of the bride and groom you can see their registry.  If you wish to make a purchase, please go to the Shop Bridal Registries page header and select the registry by name of the couple. Please call the shop for assistance and the most up to date information.  N.B. if the gifts are being picked up at the shop please scroll down on the shipping button to the option to pick up at shop for free.




Lesemann & Wyckoff

Buswell & Stoneking 


Please contact the shop for queries about these registries.

Mary Hemenway & Ben Winebrake


Tiernan Boland & Michael Dobson


Elly Palmer & Steve Guilday  

Megan & Riley

Greer & Achenbach

Paige Sanford & Cole Columbus

Annie Goeke & Brian Belden 

Broocks Myers & Chris Filoromo  

Kellen Haley & Anders Quigg

Anne Tilney & David Conway

Marit Spekman & D.French Slaughter

Catherine Adkins & Josh Sheline

Emily Davison & Maury Baker

Anne Sarah Hemenway and Temple Lee

Bryce Dickey & Matt Milligan

Jessica Alvarez & Ted Casey

Elizabeth McLean & Reagen Hughes

Caroline Faulconer & Brendan Saul

Jamie Grigg & Matt Manning

Mia Magruder & Christopher Dammann


Taylor Shoemaker & Brice Craig


Holly Casey & Max Brent


Katrina Zambelli & Matthew Loftus

Claire Hunter & Jeff Powell



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