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As you might imagine, I soaked up every minute, walked more steps than my feet would have liked and took tons of photos while in France. I'm always in search of new product from Europe and things no one else carries. I met with some success and look forward to sharing with you when I figure out how to get it all here. I was remiss in not taking photos of what I ordered so you'll have to see it for yourself when it arrives. Stay tuned for rich, soft leather products from Spain, Italian paper desk accessories, Lithuanian natural linens, Portuguese linens, German silk flowers, new designs of French linens and more. A few observations: For the first time I decided that when a question asked in French was responded to in English, it was not an insult or commentary on my lousy pronunciation and grammar. It was the French person's way of demonstrating his or her command of English and a source of pride. Europeans put us to shame with their English proficiency! French women don't have grey hair. Perhaps it's something in the water? Clearly I need to drink more water when there. You don't really see people out for a run in Paris - unless you go to the Luxembourg gardens in the morning. It's hard to imagine the breadth of the beaches where the D Day invasion took place or the steepness of the cliffs at la Pointe du Hoc scaled by Army Rangers until one visits. My father was in General Patton's 3rd Army and would never talk about being in the war. I had to go see for myself. Thank you for allowing me to share a little of my travels with you. À bientôt ~ Winifred

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