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We all have much to be grateful for, probably more than we realize. I am grateful to all of you who support pour la maison and me. Even on a slow day I am uplifted by your comments and encouragement. I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, wonderful rich food and of course, a beautifully set table! Winifred


I heard an unsettling statistic on the radio recently stating that this season could be the one where more than 50% of holiday shopping is done online. Say it isn't so! There are times where it's necessary but you just don't get the personalized attention that small businesses offer nor the complimentary gift wrapping. Our friends at TSG Charlottesville recently posted this: EACH $ YOU SPEND AT INDEPENDENT SHOPS RETURNS 3X MORE $ TO YOUR LOCAL ECONOMY THAN ONE SPENT AT A CHAIN - ALMOST 50X MORE THAN BUYING FROM AN ON-LINE MEGA-RETAILER.

No "doorbusters" or crazy early hours on Friday for us but we are excited about Small Business Saturday. In that spirit we are offering 20% off a single item in the shop Friday and Saturday, Come see us and bring your visiting family and friends. Plenty of parking nearby! If you come into the shop and don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to make suggestions. We love to know what you think we should be carrying but also fun to go to market with a mission. We love a challenge. Speaking of - tablecloths are often tricky with so many size differences - with leaves and without, but we do have sources. There's still time to do special ordering for the December holidays. There's an extra week of shopping with an early Thanksgiving this year.

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